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Recent events and several key reports have stressed the importance of strengthening the public health system and public health human resource capacity in Canada. Public health departments and agencies are under constant pressure to fill vacancies with qualified and competent individuals in view of competing agencies and the private sector for qualified staff and the lack of candidates interested in making public health a career.

An innovative initiative by the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (CIPHI) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) created a Retirees Advisory Committee consisting of retired Public Health Inspectors from all areas of Canada. The past experience and corporate knowledge of retired public health inspectors is considered a valuable asset to the future planning of public health initiatives.

The Retirees Advisory Committee was established in September 2005 as a joint project of the CIPHI and PHAC to address the need for qualified public health inspectors to deal with potential public health emergencies; determine a framework to serve as a tool to enhance the public health system capacity; and, serve as a pilot for the establishment of retiree committees in other health disciplines.

Mandate and Mission

The mandate of the Retirees Advisory Committee is to act as counsel to the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors on issues related to public health capacity:

  • Deliver public health services in times of a public health emergencies
  • Identify needs, promote, mentor and champion initiative within the profession of public health inspectors and future committees of retired public health professionals.
  • Support the vision, mission and values of the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors.


The Retirees Advisory Committee will provide guidance, assistance and advice on public health issues to the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors. The committee functions as a working and/or task group and an advisory body. Working and or task groups will be formed as necessary at the request of the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors though the chair of the Retirees Advisory Committee. All requests for involvement or participation of the Retirees Advisory Committee shall be made through and approved by the office of the National President.


Name Province
Calvin Morgan Newfoundland and Labrador
Vacant Newfoundland and Labrador
James (Jim) McCorry Nova Scotia
Mark Durkee Nova Scotia
Leonard Gallant Prince Edward Island
Vacant Prince Edward Island
Murray Lewis New Brunswick
Vacant New Brunswick
Vacant Quebec
Pamela Scharfe (Chair) Ontario
Vacant Ontario
Bernie Chrisp Manitoba
Vacant Manitoba
Doug Terry Saskatchewan
Yvonne Graff Saskatchewan
Nelson Fok Alberta
Vacant Alberta
Ken Christian British Columbia
Charlie Young British Columbia
Peter Rogers Federal Government
Vacant Federal Government

Retirees Committee Initiatives

  • Develop enhanced services and benefits for Retired Members of CIPHI
  • Encourage and support CIPHI efforts to re-establish a Quebec Branch and the use of the CPHI(C) by employers at all levels in the Province of Quebec.
  • Lead initiatives within CIPHI for the creation of a stamp to be issued by Canada Post and a coin to be issued by the Canadian Mint to celebrate the 100th Year of the Institute in 2013.
  • Lead the initiative for the creation of a document outlining the “History of Public Health Inspection in Canada” and support the projects being lead by CPHA tocelebrate their 100th Anniversary in Public Health in 2010.
  • Continue to develop a database of all retired Environmental Health Officers and Public Health Inspectors in Canada to be available in the event of a major disaster orpublic health crisis in Canada so that retires who are interested and available can be contacted quickly to assist local health agencies.
  • Provide letters of congratulations for retiring PHIs/EHOs and letters of condolences to families of deceased PHIs/EHOs.

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