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What is Volunteer CIPHI?

Volunteer CIPHI is here for members to create the best possible volunteer experience by providing CIPHI governing bodies and Branches of CIPHI?to post their volunteer positions. It also provides a place for potential volunteers to access opportunities and express interest in being a volunteer.

The benefits of volunteering are endless. If you are interested in volunteering, CIPHI wants to encourage you to think about why you want to volunteer. Is it to learn new skills, share the skills you have, gain work experience, make a difference and advance the profession, develop new networks, explore your passion for the environment or give back to CIPHI? Whatever the reason the experience will certainly be gratifying.

I Want to Volunteer. How and Where do I start?

There are a few ways to start your search for a CIPHI Volunteer position. The first would be to take a look at the volunteer positions available in the ‘Current Volunteer Opportunities’ section.

Take a look at each position, as each volunteer position or role will have its own specific skill requirements. If you find a position you are interested in you can submit an application form directly to the CIPHI governing body or Branch?that posted it.

If you do not find a volunteer position that fits your skills or interests you can also complete an?‘Expression of Interest to Volunteer’ form and submit it to volunteer@ gclub www.aleksandrzelenskiy.com. Once received, your form will be kept on file and when volunteer opportunities are posted your skills, experiences and previous volunteering will be reviewed to see if you are good match.

Volunteering does not guarantee a job but it could open up job opportunities through the networks and contacts you establish.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

I?have a volunteer position! How do I post it?

If you are a member of a CIPHI governing body or an executive member of ?CIPHI Branch and have a volunteer position that needs to be filled, complete the ‘CIPHI Governing Body/Branch?Volunteer Opportunity‘ Form and submit it along with the volunteer posting (in PDF format) to volunteer@ gclub www.aleksandrzelenskiy.com. The application will be reviewed by the volunteer committee and once approved it will be posted for the length of time indicated or until it is filled.

Once a posting is on the website, potential volunteers will be able to apply to it directly through the website. It will be the responsibility of the CIPHI governing body or Branch to correspond to the volunteer applicant at this point. If the position is filled the CIPHI governing body or Branch must notify the volunteer committee by sending an email to volunteer@ gclub www.aleksandrzelenskiy.com requesting the posting be removed.



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